The History of the WPHS Sports Hall of Fame

WPHS Sports Hall of Fame History

The Winter Park High School Sports Hall of Fame was the conception of long-time Winter Park High School coach Robert Mosher.

In 1994, following discussions between Ned Biddix, Bob Mosher and Al Chubb, Mosher’s dream of a WPHS Sports Hall of Fame was first explored.   After Al Chubb passed away, Ed Wycoff joined in the discussions and planning began for the first Hall of Fame awards banquet which was to take place on November 4th, 1995.

Bob Mosher was designated as founder: Ned Biddix and Ed Wycoff were designated as co-founders.  In 1995, eight athletes, one coach and one contributor were honored by Hall of Fame awards.

In subsequent years, the WPHS Sports Hall of Fame has endeavored to follow the original intent and desire of founder Mosher.

This includes honoring outstanding Winter Park High School athletes, coaches and contributors from the past at an inspiring annual awards banquet.