In addition to honoring the legendary Wildcats of the past, the Winter Park Sports Hall of Fame is proud to have forged a strong relationship with the current athletes and coaching staff at the high school. Each year the WP Hall of Fame Committee awards a scholarship to the Male and Female Athlete of the Year. Sponsored yearly by the Track Shack Foundation, this scholarship is given to the athlete who is not only an exceptional athlete but who also demonstrates tremendous leadership qualities combined with academic excellence.

Track Shack Male and Female Athlete of the Year Scholarship Winners for 2018 - 2019

Elisabeth Nix, Cross Country/Track, Gaines Cash, Baseball/Diving

Elisabeth Nix, Cross Country/Track, Gaines Cash, Baseball/Diving

Previous Winners

2003 – 2004       Autumn Browning, Soccer           

Grey Leonard, Football

2004 – 2005       Sara Hughes, Swimming/Cross Country/Track            

Coleman Hoover, Track/Cross Country

2005 – 2006       Amanda McCormick, Soccer/Lacrosse                                              

Corey Rabazinski, Football/Basketball

2006 – 2007       Callie Rivers, Volleyball                                                           

Peter Sturgeon, Wrestling/Football

2007 – 2008       Lizzy Manno, Volleyball/Lacrosse                                        

Kyle McClanahan, Basketball

2008 – 2009       Meggie Emons, Cross Country/Track/Soccer                       

Austin Jacks, Football/Basketball

2009 – 2010       Shelby Hayes, Cross Country/Track                                      

Michael Boles, Football/Baseball

2010 – 2011       Summer Creighton, Swimming/Water Polo                                  

Austin Rivers, Basketball

2011 – 2012       Shelley Martin, Water Polo/Swimming                                 

James Washington, Football/Volleyball                                                         

2012 – 2013       Nicole Martell, Soccer/Lacrosse                                              

Parker Snure, Football/Lacrosse                                                                           

2013 – 2014       Christina Ambrose, Volleyball                                                           

Gabe McCLary, Football/Track

2014 – 2015       Gabby English, Soccer/Track/Volleyball                               

Gavin Rose, Football/Track

2015 – 2016       Katie Kuhn, Cross Country/Track                                      

Nick Sproles, Basketball/Football                                                        

2016 – 2017       Maddy Bell, Swimming/Lacrosse                                       

Thomas Daly, Football/Cross Country/Track

2017 – 2018       Rafaella Gibbons, Cross Country/Track                                      

Cameron Legree, Football

2018 – 2019       Elisabeth Nix, Cross Country/Track                                      

Gaines Cash, Baseball/Diving